Full text of Austin Aslan’s letter in the Arizona Daily Sun:

Dear Flagstaff,

   I enthusiastically recommend that you re-elect my fellow City Councilmember Jim McCarthy for a second term. Jim is the only incumbent running for a council seat in 2020. Flagstaff will need someone on the next council who brings more than two years of institutional memory to the table. This factor alone is reason enough to use one of your three council votes to support Jim’s return, but it’s not the only reason I’m endorsing him.

Welcoming “new blood” on Council is important. Fresh perspectives are critical. This job isn’t so hard, nor are the issues too complex, for newer voices to be denied an opportunity to serve. But I have seen time and again how a bit of firsthand historical perspective about previous conversations and Council actions proves critical to our current debates.

   I have benefited enormously from the personal background of policy knowledge Jim brings to the issues. I have found his ability to articulate previous Council actions (and the context behind previous Council decisions) to be an invaluable asset for the entire Council body to consider during our deliberations. A city council lacking this eyewitness perspective of its own past is a city council bound to repeat mistakes.

   Jim McCarthy and I don’t agree every time. No two Councilmembers ever will. But we are more like-minded than not, and I trust the process Jim uses to draw conclusions. I have seen up close how thoughtful and attentive he is, and how deeply he cares about complex issues like affordable housing, social justice, sustainability, and environmental stewardship.

   You may choose up to three candidates for the next Council. As we work to further define where Flagstaff is headed, please consider casting one of your votes for a man who shares a statesman’s sensibility for where our city has been, and a visionary’s perspective for where, together, we might go.

            Austin Aslan, Flagstaff City Council